Saturday, October 11, 2008

done and not done

KAmi the movie - done (tengok 2kali but rasa nak wat hatrik)

raya - almost done ( coz ada rumah yang belum g raya)

gig - done ( but next week i go again the final tour this time at bukit jalil)

cd - done ( bought malique and the times cd music)

assignment - absolutely not done yet... hehehe malas

packing up going back to tg.malim tommorow - not done

Chenta - lagi laa not done

dress for coming soon dinner - not yet ( i found a dracula dress but my fwen said not elegent laa. i think to try something different like emo elegent style)
how to dressup elegent i don't know how?

pic raya - ada2 tapi xupload lagi nnt i will upload it....

my promise to eyla buy her KAMI shirt - done

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