Wednesday, October 15, 2008

should or not

hmm.... i been thinking what should i wear for upcoming dinner..
the theme is elegant... i want to wear something extraordinary...
so i search at internet, it have lot of website but all about women dress and outfits.
then i look something that i never thought that i would this kind of style...
gothic elegant. ada ke gothic elegant.
style mcm gaya org putih long-long time ago like dracula century.
baju dier smart gak ar... ada nmpak kat times square warna hitam tapi rasa putih lagi smart tapi xjumpe putih....
should i buy or not... or i just wear my brother zara jacket and padini shirt.

1 comment:

Syima said...

cool shirt. tp xleh pkai slalu la kan? on occasions je la
well anyway it's cool.
beli jela if nak bergaya =P