Friday, December 12, 2008


I’m your friend

I’m a friend that so blur

But I glad be everyone friend that I know

I’m a friend that love to see my friend happiness

And I feel sad when I lose a friend

I’m a friend that don’t like betray friends

When I make mistake I will feel guilty

And always try to fix it

And remember I feel happy when be you guys

I’m a friend who glad be your friends (no matter what is your personality)

Because when I need you, you always be there for me

To share precious moment and sorrow rhythm

And I happy have you my friends

To some of my friend E

I try being your friend

When you need me I be there for you ( I help you no matter what )

But sometime you seem not looking me as your friend (when I need you be there for my request)

I also sorry if I not open my mouth to you E (when you need my opinion)

Because he also my friend and so with you (I don’t want to hurt either of you)

What I can said is digging inside you heart what is the best decision

And what I see is you take step not to hurt his feeling (that good decision my fwen)

I’m also sorry to my friend if I not much spent time with you guys

Not because I forgotten that you are my friend

But I also have other friend to take care their feeling too

You all are my friend until I die and forever

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