Friday, December 12, 2008


Just kind, lazy, lovely, healthy and sensitive person
Afraid of anything that I not used to do
Always afraid to told my feeling to someone

I kind of blur person
Less talk but not I don’t want to talk (no topic that suitable for me)
Love to hangout no matter with whom
But always hangout alone

I’m always waste my money to buy something that I wanted (if have lot of money)
I like make friends with everyone
But the specific is make friend who had crazy kind of mind
I can adapt my mind with everyone who had very different personality

I was a person who like enjoy my life
Go to every place that I wanted
To satisfied that I desired
To a thing that can make be free and happy

Also change by time
Just a smoker just like my dad
The reason is I can’t told
But it doesn’t had to do with my friend and my family (I need someone special to me to told me to stop)

Be more careful person in relationship
And want be with my friend all the time
Also very keep my mind to look forward
To make my family proud me as their son

Right now I want be in love
But I don’t know how to start
I like someone who has different personality than me (not the same person I had before)
And I like talk with her but I don’t know
How to make her like me and be my special girlfriend (I afraid just being just like past time)

Honestly I miss someone I had before
But my felling for her as a friend
I always think what she doing, how is she
But all that I hoping she always be happy

For me right
My current situation is very complicated
Maybe I will has a another semester (because I had make mistake one test)
I afraid of upcoming test
I was hoping that I will pass all tests


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